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HuckleBerry Pets manufactures a revolutionary pet bed in four sizes to comfort any size dog or cat. We offer an orthopedic mattress enclosed in a waterproof zipper cover to last the lifetime of any pet from the dirty days of puppies to the aging years of adulthood. Our elevated dog bed provides support for the muscle and bone structure all while relieving joints.

Our state-of-the-art pet beds also include a decorative design and removable, machine washable mattress cover along with pillows that compliment your home decor. HuckleBerry Pets was designed by an 8 year old girl … she requires that all of our pet beds be priced that a child could save their allowance to afford a HuckleBerry Bed for their furry best friend!

Her Mission is to change the lifestyle of dogs and create awareness because … Hip dysplasia and arthritis are extremely common conditions effecting many breeds of dogs. These are not devastating diseases that will limit your pets lifespan if properly treated. HuckleBerry Pets is proud that we can help to improve and amplify your pets quality of life! By elevating their resting platform and providing a supportive sleeping place you can increase the quality of life for your pet at an affordable price!